I reported Jesuit abuse of children in California in 1985.. I was one of many in California who confronted the archdiocese of Los Angeles and the Jesuits and their order..
A celibate gay Jesuit seminarian reported 8 Jesuit priests at the Jesuit Retreat in Los Gatos California in the 90’s for sexual harassment.. and he eventually won a settlement against them.. (it took fighting the Jesuits attempts to thwart the seminarian.
Several Jesuits raped male kitchen workers at the Jesuit retreat in los gatos.. very explicit articles were written in the LA Times about this (I have copies of the articles)
A Jesuit who taught at Loyola HS in California was in the news for raping both male and female relatives and even a Jesuit priest at Los Gatos who was punished by the Jesuits for telling about the abuse and mysteriously jumped off a state building to his death.. (the Jesuit who abused every one gerald Lindner
was seen with the victim right before he jumped….
Another Jesuit priest from Los Gatos California was arrested for dressing as a woman and luring young teens into his car for sex… these and many other articles on Jesuit abuse in California alone a re well documented… in news paper articles…
It’s important to all of us whose lives were ruined by rapist Jesuits and cover up by the Jesuits that the world knows that every state has numerous stories of sexual assault by catholic priests and that Boston was not the first and only diocese to expose this….
Am glad for the film..
I just want the world to know it is much bigger than boston and hundreds of thousands of advocates, victims, media, journalists (most not catholic and not Jesuit educate) were hard at work way before boston.. in fact we set the stage for boston..